Is Chennai Worthy Of An iPad?

“But it is not working.” she said.

“Did you turn it on?”. I am asking her this question for the fifth time now.

“yes, I did it. I did it a long time ago.”

“Then it should be coming up”. I am tired and frustrated at this point.

“Well, It is not. I think its broken.”

I have been on an international call with my mom for the past 20 minutes. I am trying to get her online from our home computer in Chennai.

“Its not broken. Is the CPU power light on?”


“The tall white box on the table, there should be a small glass ring in its front. Is it glowing in green?”

“No. I am telling you its broken. How much would it take to fix it?”

“It was working few minutes ago. Its probably needs a reboot”

“Will it work if I press Enter now?”

“Ok, the computer seems to be off. Pressing Enter key will not do anything. The computer is OFF”

“But Naren [my brother] pressed Enter before when the monitor was off and the video came back. May be it will work for me too”

“Its not a TV. The images on the screen are not some movie. We have had a computer for almost 7 years. You should know these things by now”

“Stop your lecture. It worked for naren, so I am going to try it. It might just work.”

“Ok, try it. I am sure pressing ENTER will magically start the computer.”

“Shut up. I am pressing it”. Sound of key being pressed carefully. Twice.

“….” [me trying very hard to not laugh or shout in frustration]

“I think its broken for sure”

“IT IS NOT BROKEN. You just need to turn it on”

“I turned it on 10 minutes ago. The monitor is not showing anything”

“I don’t think you turned it on properly. Tell me what you did”

“I turned on the switch for the plug”

“Okay then, what did you do”

“what else, I turned on the switch and nothing has happened since. Why are you not listening to me?”

“Ok, do you know what a TV is?”

“What? Of course I know what a TV is”

“Did you also know that a computer is NOT a TV? You know that you don’t get TV channels there right?”

“Don’t mock me. If the computer is so great how come it does not even start when you turn on the switch. At least the TV has remote. I have to come to the computer every time to start it. Why don’t they have a remote for the computer?”

“What are you going to do with a remote? Change the channel and watch KTV? Just press the CPU button”

“What button?”

“oh God! In front of the tall white box there is glass circular ring in the middle. Press it”

“Are you sure?”


[a mild clicking sound followed by the CPU beep indicating that its booting up]

“Yeah, the green light is blinking. Something in English is coming in the screen”

“Yeah, NOW its starting up. OK, after a while, when it asks for it, you have to login and then get to …”

“Wait, the power just went out. EB cuts the service for about an hour everyday. I’ll try it once the current comes back. So how are you?”


So I am thinking I should buy my mother an iPad 2. Its much easier to use and thankfully there is only one button. We mainly use the computer at our home for video chatting, but the computer is operated by my brother. Since he will be traveling to Singapore in a couple of days for his masters degree, it leaves my parents cripplingly challenged as far as technology is concerned. With the new iPad’s touchscreen, camera and Skype it should be much easier for them to use it. Its a good idea in theory. The only information I am lacking is real world data from the ground. I have not personally used the iPad and neither do I kn0w anyone who has it or used it in Chennai.

Does anyone know how the iPad performs overseas? Any mothers, fathers, aunties or uncles you know of who use the iPad in Chennai, or really any part of India? Let me know if its useful.

Or is there any other solution to this harrowing struggle? You have a chance to bring some peace between a mother and her son. Please do you part.

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