Happy 50th Post :)

Yes, post number FIFTY.

Can you believe it? You can? ok.

But I just can’t. Post number 50. Half Century. The most celebrated milestone before hundred. The same number of days it took someone to do something significant in the world. And I am sure it made them proud.

I really thought I won’t last more than a week but here we are with the 50th post. Its been a strange and revealing experience for me so far and I have to say I am enjoying it a lot. The blog has given me an acute sense of contribution and fulfillment and I am not even sure if I was expecting it. The fact that I have missed 8 days so far in our grand crusade is a slight matter of concern for me, since at this rate, by the time I finish a year of blogging, I would have missed about 56 days which would push the target date for this marathon endeavor by about 7 weeks. Believe me when I say, as mush as I like to write, I do not want this thing to go more than it has to. I am trying to figure out a good routine for doing this in such a way that I can minimize the number of days I miss, so hopefully we will see that sad number decline in the future.

That aside, I am finding this whole experience very rewarding. I am finding myself reading a lot more these days and I am much more aware of interesting things that are going on around the world. My writing has vastly improved, especially my spelling skills. For example, I recently found out that there is no ‘n’ in the word for a person who runs a restaurant. Its actually spelled ‘restaurateur‘ not ‘restauranteur‘. But I think I prefer to use restaurant person. I have also figured out a way to blog while traveling, which I was not sure when I started. As you may have noticed recently, I had blogged from Indianapolis, Chicago and Memphis – all on the road. Its a whole new feeling when you are writing from a location that is not the usual, familiar environment where you have set everything for you comfort. A side benefit of all this blogging is that I am writing better emails.

This  has not been all pleasant though. I am still finding it pretty hard to come up with good stuff to blog about. I find a good subject but then once I start typing, the words just don’t come out the right way. Its funny and also sad in a strange way. And don’t get me started about the titles. Seriously, they have to be hardest part in this entire venture. There are only so many words I can use in a title and they must also be related to the topic!? There has to be a better way of doing this. I just have to figure it out. You guys have any suggestions, make sure to send them my way. I am also finding it hard to write without distractions. I know I am not the most focused person in the world, but it is extremely draining to keep my concentration on the subject and the sentences for more than a couple minutes and its even harder to bring back the focus once distracted. Thanks so much to Email, Facebook, Twitter notifications and loud audio speakers for making this harder than it has to be.

All said and done, this entire effort cannot be sustained without the wonderful support I am receiving from you people, my awesome readers. You are one of the most prolific and thoughtful bunch of humans in the world and although I have not seen some of you personally, I know for sure that you people are some of the most beautiful and handsome creatures to ever walk this planet. I cannot put it in words to describe how much your comments and suggestions help me shape this blog and even though I may miss replying to some of your comments here or in Facebook, be sure to know that I appreciate every one of them. Keep those comments coming because I need your guidance and support to keep this literary undertaking meaningful and hopefully purposeful – for both you and me.

Congratulations and Godspeed.

[Post: Fucking 50 of 365] [Days Missed: not-so-important 8]

I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or send me interesting things to write about.