Delta Airlines Is The Worst Airlines, Ever!!

I am supposed to be in Phoenix by 9 PM today, but I am stuck here in Memphis. Delta Airlines, due to their ongoing policy of fucking with their passengers, delayed my flight in Indianapolis, resulted in me missing my connecting flight in Memphis, Tennessee. In fact the flight from Indy, landed exactly at 7:35 PM, 10 minutes before the connecting flight’s departure time and I made it to the gate, but they already closed it. The flight attendant on the Indy flight said that they had informed the attendants at Memphis and that they would for a few minutes, which of course they did not do.

I think its just the attendants are trained to say those things even if they don’t actually inform their people. They put me up in a hotel room, with the connecting flight set at 9:45 AM on Tuesday which reaches Phoenix well after noon. This means, of course, I will have to take half the day off from an already truncated work week. At the hotel, I see almost everyone from my flight at the lobby checking -in to their rooms. Apparently anyone who had a connecting flight got their flight delayed.

Delta Airlines has to be one of the worst airlines in the history of airlines that suck. The worst part is the reason they said for the delay. They said, they had filled too much gas into the plane which made the plane more heavy for flight. They kept the plane on the tarmac for an hour for the world’s stupidest reason.

Just can’t wait to get out of this place.

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