Blogging From Offsite – A First

Day one in Indianapolis. Arrived here on Friday an hour past midnight here in Indy and I am boarded up in M’s place. Friday we went to the Bluespring Cavern, an underground active cave system with a river running through it. I later found out that it is America’s longest running underwater river.

Entrance to the Bluesprings cave

It was pitch black inside and we were aided only by the guide’s flash light. At one pint she switched the light source and we could not even see our hands in front of our faces. It was just incredible to see these rock and limestone formations which were hundreds and thousands of years old.

Low rock ceilings everywhere
stalactite formation inside the cave

After the cave tour, we went to the new Transformers movie. Finally, there is a good transformers movie.

Next up, its Chicago.

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