Fate? Just Deal With It

Do you believe in fate? Do you think there is some mysterious force behind all the things that happen to you and your surroundings?
Well, I don’t. I think stuff just happens because they just do and there is no reason behind it. No matter what you do, things will happen around you, and if do act in a certain way, you may changes the end result of an event thus changing the course if history, but your contribution is often extremely small, that its hard recognize the effect of your actions, unless of course your actions is a significant one, like that of Gandhi, or Edison or Tendulkar. I have given this a lot of thought, and this theory seems to make the most sense to me.
“Can I bring it to you Friday?”, the IT guy asked me. There are not words in the dictionary that could explain the rage that came over me at that moment, but I can assure you that within a few seconds of him uttering those words, I had imagined 3 ways of torturing him with just a magnifying glass, a needle and a DVD of M.Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. I very rarely come up with such imaginative ways to destroy someone and by all accounts he surely deserved it. Let me give you some background.
If you had read my blog from a few days back, you know that I was to be given a MacBook Pro at my workplace. Being an avid supporter of awesome electronics I, obviously, was very mush elated. Yes, elated, is the word I used, because, such is the power of a Macintosh. I even got an email from my boss’s boss that the MacBook was the department’s way of appreciating me for the excellent performance I had shown in the last few months. The exact phrase he used was –  “above and beyond what was expected [of me]”. If you are not familiar, that is the exact phrase used by the armed forced around the world to describe any heroic activity by a combat personnel. In essence what they were saying was that my ability to finish programming tasks was on par with saving lives in an active war zone. I am sure you would agree when I say, it was big fucking deal for me. And I made sure everyone around me in the office knew about it.
Have you ever noticed that sometimes life finds a way to hit you square in the head when you least expect it? For some reason, as of Monday this week, the MacBook had not yet arrived. I emailed the guy a few times, and only got relies from him rarely, saying it will be delivered anyway now. By Wednesday evening I was pretty much exhausted all my resources and was ready to drive down to the IT resources building and collect it myself, but my laziness got better of me. But here is the kicker.
For this ling weekend, I am traveling to M’s place in Indiana and so I had decided months ago that I will take the day off on Friday. Of course, on Thursday morning, I get an email from the IT guy, that he will be able to deliver the macbook on Friday!!
For a few seconds there, I believed in Fate/Karma/God whatever you want to call it. I just could not believe it. Already people around my cube had started inquiring abut the macbook not being present at my desk yet,  and the fact that its going to be another week to receive it is almost unfathomable for me.
Determined I actually tired to convince the guy to bring the laptop today itself, but he would not budge. And, so it it is now perfectly clear, that I will indeed end this week without my, If I may say so, well deserved macbook. Seems like I will have to wait till Tuesday to get my hands on my prize. I don’t have words to explain my sorrow.

And, that my friends, is how I understood life. Sometimes shit just happens. We just have to deal with it and move on.

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