Bed Bug Vs Me – Aftermath

Just spent the entire evening restoring my room back to the way it was after today’s treatment. The apartment people had their exterminators treat my apartment for the bed bug infestation I have been experiencing for a while now. From yesterday’s blog you are probably aware that I am in the process of eradicating the bed bugs at my apartment. After the heat treatment which was done a couple of months back did not yield expected results, this time I had them do a chemical treatment. It is exactly as it sounds – spraying a whole bunch of chemical powders and concoctions throughout the apartment to make it inhospitable, even for those tiny blood suckers. The chemicals exterminators use are professional grade, meaning no one cannot enter the apartment for at least 3 hours after the process. A good thing for me, they did it during a workday, so I spent the the day blissfully at work.

Perseverance is the key. For a guy who spends an awful lot of time watching comedy sketches online, preparing my apartment before the treatment is a chore with a dislike of the highest degree. I had to wash, dry all my clothes, linens, bedsheets and covers and then store them in sealed plastic bags. I also had to clean out the closet, move all food stuff in the kitchen to the cabinets and refrigerator. All drawers and suitcases had to be emptied. Like I said, it took a lot of perseverance for me to keep at these things without losing focus and get them done in evening. That was yesterday.

Hate is powerful. Today, I had to do the exact opposite of the things I did yesterday. And the dislike went up to epic proportions. I had to haul all the furniture back to their positions, move luggage and other things back into the closet and put back all the clothes, linens, bedsheets and covers. On top of these drills, I had to wash off the things I was wearing today and the bed bug proof covers that I had for my bed and the pillow. Sometimes, discipline and perseverance will dessert you when you need them most and you have to dig deep to find something that will keep you working. And sometimes, unadulterated, raging hatred towards an enemy can give you that laser point focus. For me the enemy was, of course, the bed bugs that started all of this. I imagined the bugs squirming and writhing in agony as they came in contact with the toxic chemicals as they let out their final breath to complete a life of miniature vampire-ness and I got clear focus instantly.

After about 4 hours of hate-filled grind, I got everything in order and my room looks much like the way it looked yesterday morning. May be a bit cleaner.

Lessons, are the key for success. See, I am a forward looking guy and I always look for meaningful things that we can learn from every event in our life. Often times we are blind to these lessons that life tries to teach us because we are too busy grunting and getting annoyed at life for making us do things we don’t want to do. But if we keep the emotional drama out and look at these so called unfortunate events with a practical perspective, we can find lots of meaningful, and often truthful, facts about life that you will not find in any book. For me, I just learned how much helpful hatred is.

After today’s treatment, hopefully I have seen the last of those crawling vermin. There is going to be a followup checkup of the apartment in 3 weeks, and I am hoping to hear some good news then.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Laks,

    Is this a recurring problem? Also, do your neighbors complain about this? If yes, you might want to move to a different apartment complex asap.

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