Bed Bugs Vs Me – Round 2

Just spent the entire evening preparing my room for the impending treatment tomorrow. I have been experiencing some issues with bed bugs at my apartment for a few months now and this is the sec0nd time we will be attempting to clear it up with professional help. Last time we did a complex process called Heat Treatment, which essentially brings the internal heat temperature of the apartment to the vicinity of 115 degree Fahrenheit, a level of heat at which it has been scientifically proven to kill bed bugs of all stages, even the ones in larvae form. It cost me and my roommate 500 bucks each.

That was about two months ago and already we are seeing signs of their evil come-back. Its not as full blown as the last time, but we are seeing one or two bed bugs almost on a weekly basis now and the apartment people agreed to try a different type of treatment this time, called Chemical treatment. With this kind of eradication, there is a big list of preparatory steps that need to be done prior to the extermination guy’s visit. I had to wash up all my clothes and pack and seal them in plastic bags, move all the stuff out of my closet, empty all the drawers and cabinets and keep all the furniture clear off the walls. It was a good thing that I have this habit of putting everything in a box which helped tremendously in moving and rearranging them during the last treatment, and it proved useful this time as well.

So that’s what I have been doing all evening, and on top of that, today is release night for my project at work. This typically means I have to stay up a bit until they finish the server updates and then I have to verify the file changes and send out an acknowledgement that everything is okay. Which s always the case. Until the time it isn’t.

They are going to do the treatment in the morning tomorrow, while I’ll be at work, so hopefully by the time I get home in the evening, the apartment will be hospitable again. The worst part about this process is all the rearranging I have to do post-treatment. I am notoriously forgetful and so I have to make sure I put everything back in its old place so that I don’t have to spend an hour to just find a screw driver or a particular shirt.

If I can get rid of the bedbugs this time, this will all be worth it. Hope.

Do you have any suggestions on how to permanently eradicate this pesky nuisance?

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