3 Stories That Annoyed Me Today

It was one of those pleasant days. The Arizona sun was scorching everything and the office coffee sucked more than usual today. It was Monday and as is mandatory for Mondays, people were grumpy and laptops were extra slow. But for some reason I was happy mostly. I was cracking hilarious jokes and throwing humorous wits at anyone who crossed my path and I could sense that I was really annoying them with my pleasantness. Coffee sucked, as I said before, more than usual since I have reduced the amount of sugar and creamer I used to put in it. Not too drastic, I just cut the sugar and cream usage by half, and that simply turned the bad coffee into worse coffee. I am addicted to all forms of sugar, so may be that sucking part was not entirely the coffee’s fault. But still, I was pretty upbeat, for a Monday.

Since today was the first day of my team’s two-week dev cycle I had fairly less stuff to do and so I figured I would indulge myself with some general knowledge. I settled into my desk, fired up my browser and started going through the news articles lined up for me and, as expected, most of them were bad news. People fought over here, stuff blew up there and the common man got fucked everywhere. I am mostly used to these kinds of stories these days since, apparently, shitty things happen to people all the time and there is some comfort in knowing that, if you know where to find it. But there were a few stories even I could not stand from being enraged about. There was this new experiment about creating advertisements with erotically posed monkeys to monkeys of opposite sex to see if they choose the food that is being advertised to them. There was this festival in Spain, were grown men jump over new-born babies for religious reasons. There was even a story about New York divorce lawyers who are expecting a huge uptick in their profits due to new potential divorce clients, thanks to the new state law that legalizes gay marriage. These guys must be real killjoys.

But there were 3 stories that really made me feel all upset and annoyed. I don’t quite understand why people do such stupid stuff. Well, may be because I am not a people expert. That is true, I am not a people expert, contrary to popular belief. So I figured I can share those three stories with you, the good readers of my blog, and may be you can enlighten me.

1. Rainbows are deemed Gay

A catholic school in Canada has banned the use of rainbows in campus as it is deemed “too gay”. When did we start assigning sexual orientation to natural phenomenon? Already the rainbow is shy enough to not show all of its colors and now this. These people of catholic system are one of the weirdest bunch of people in the world. They are ok with priests molesting altar boys but rainbows- NO!  I don’t think I would ever understand why Catholics hate everything that are nice and colorful.

Read the original story

2. No more fun on the Internet

The Tennessee legislature has made it a punishable crime to post offensive content on the Internet. Relax, they are not taking away the porn, yet. The saddest part about this law, besides the impossibility of its implementation, is their definition of the word “offensive”. According to them, anything can be described offensive if it can “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress” to anyone who views it. People found in violation of this law can be fined up to $2500 with one year prison sentence. I find it offensive that they would be so stupid to enact this kind of law, so should the legislators be arrested? Apparently these guys also banned shared accounts on Netflix recently so one should not be surprised about the fact they don’t understand how the internet works. There should be a law that says politicians shall not pass a law about something that they have no clue about.

Read the news story here

3. Lord Vinayagar is called a demon

This one really made my blood boil. Some unintelligent group of people who call themselves the Constitution Party have protested the statue display of our doughy and super awesome elephant god – Vinayagar in an art display in Idaho. These supremely dull people, who also happen to be Christians, oppose the great one’s statue saying that it is idol worshiping. I don’t know about you, but me and Lord Ganesh have known each other for a very long time. Ever since he saved me from getting caught while copying in an exam in fourth grade we have become very close friends. He helps me out when I am in trouble and I help him out by being supportive about his weight issues. By directly disrespecting my compadre these people have turned me against the entire state of Idaho. As such there is no reason to visit Idaho anyway, there are only about 13 people there and they have the stupidest laws in the country. Did you know that there is a 1912 law in Idaho that prohibits anyone from waking on the street without smiling? God help those stupid bastards.

Here is the news article

Does any of these things make sense to you?

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