The Slick Mystery Of A Pickle Jar

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Have you ever wondered about how much stuff we don’t know? On any given day, you might encounter a number of things as part of your daily routine and feel like you are not doing it the right way or there has to be a better way of doing it. Many of these things are very simple and mundane stuff and yet somehow we cannot figure out a way to do them the way we want. Here is an example. Do you know how to keep oil from accumulating at the top of the pickle bottle?

You must have noticed that whenever you open a bottle of pickle, a puddle of oil collects at the top forming a shiny layer completely submerging the actual pickle you are trying to get to. If you are like most people, you scoop up some pickle and hold the spoon sideways for a while to let some of the oil drip back into the bottle. Of course you cannot get rid of all the excess oil and the downside of this strategy is that since you are removing the pickle but leaving the oil back, it creates an even bigger puddle next time you open the bottle. Another way is to tilt the entire bottle onto the sink to drain the excess oil collected at the top, but then you are going to have to keep doing that every time you want some pickle and soon it will get annoying. Technically speaking, the oil keeps the pickle moist and preserves the taste and the tangy flavor of the pickle and removing the oil may, in fact, diminish the pickle’s deliciousness.

So how do you make sure that you keep the oil and preserve the taste of the pickle, but at the same time not having to endure that icky fat? Come on, think about it. I’ll give  a couple minutes to figure it out.

1 minute

2 minutes

No? Ok, I’ll tell you. Here is how you keep the oil away from the top when you open it. See, oil always rises above the pickle, due to gravity pulling the pickle down. So, to keep the oil at the bottom of the jar, all you have to do is keep the jar upside down. This way, the pickles pushes down and brings the oil to the top, which is actually the bottom of the jar. When you want to get some pickle, you turn the bottle right side up, and all the oil remains at the bottom. What you get is the oil free and exquisite deliciousness of a wonderful preservative that is being used as a side for alcohol by civilizations world wide.

This is the kind of knowledge I am talking about. Tiny little bits of practical wisdom which collectively have the potential to make or break our day.  Did you know that a significant number of people don’t know the purpose of that little arrow next to you car fuel indicator gauge? Next time when you get into your car, take a look at the gas pump symbol in the fuel gauge in the front panel. It will have some sort of an arrow or a pointer, directing to either left or right side of your car. What this little piece of useability genius shows is the correct side of the car that has the fuel inlet. If the arrow points left, then your gas inlet is to the left of the car and if it points right, then you put gas on the right side of the car.

You are welcome.

A wise philosopher called Senthil from the Tamil movie “Boys” said “Information Is Wealth”. After reading this blog, I hope I made you a little bit wealthier. Share your own nuggets of wisdom in the comments section and together we can make this world a richer place for everyone.

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  1. The one thing that surprised me in the last few days was the small air pump used for cycles which is available in walmart for about 10 bucks actually fits in the car tire and can fill the air fine. So just get one of those and keep it in the car for emergencies.

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