Sometimes More Is Less

You may have noticed that my posts are getting longer by the day. The average number of paragraphs was around 2 when we started, but it has grown substantially in the last couple weeks to become as long as 7 paragraphs. I have been well aware of this trend and, in fact, even made conscious effort in my last week’s posts to keep them short, but, unsuccessfully, they ended up to be even longer. Although I enjoy typing long posts, for a change, I have decided to make this one short, for certain. To make sure I don’t go overboard yet again, I will be typing the entire post using my iPod Touch’s WordPress App. With its tiny 3.5 inch screen, half of which will be occupied by the full size QWERTY keyboard, this post should definitely be a short one. Just so you know, tying this paragraph has taken me 23 minutes.

Here is the saddest thing I had heard today. Its the story of a 59 year old man called James Verone. He had lost his job and has been having long term ailments. He does not have insurance and recently developed some malign growth in his chest. Faced with sad uncertainty of life, he did what most of us would dare only in our dreams. He needed a shelter, some food and medical attention and so he, quite ‘logically’ in his words, robbed a bank. But that is not why his story is sad.

He robbed the bank for the total amount of , wait for it, one dollar. Yes, One dollar. He walked into a North Carolina bank today, and politely informed the teller that he is unarmed and wants to rob exactly one dollar. He then told her that he will sit in a ‘bench’ near the door and wait for the cops to show up. The cops came and duly arrested him. He cleared planned all of this and now placed himself in a secured place to live for few years with good food and health care, all for free. By the time he is released he would qualify for social security and he can take care of himself then. It was a flawless plan. I know this sounds something out of Onion News Network, so here is the New York Times link for this story.

And here is why this is the saddest thing I had heard today. James was hoping for the standard 3 year imprisonment for bank robbery but since he was unarmed and robbed only one dollar, its a minor larceny and only got a $5,000 bond charge failing which he will face little jail time.

You know the system is fucked up when some one actively seeks out prison and then can’t get it.

What do you think? How can you make this plan better? If you were in James’ position, what brilliant plan would you come up with?

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