Laughter Is The Cheapest Medicine

Are you a humorous fellow? Do you enjoy hearty laughter? Of course you do, who doesn’t.

Also, have you noticed that the word “fellow” is very gender specific – it refers only to men. When i say fellow men, it includes both sexes, but when you point in a more singular way, as in “Who is that fellow” its always understood to refer to a man. What’s the feminine equivalent of fellow? do you know? If Lady is to Gentleman, Girl is to Boy and Breasts is to Pectorals, then ‘what’ is to Fellow? Make sure you post your best guesses in comments section. No cheating.

If you had not noticed this about me, but I am a funny guy. I tend to make odd comments about stuff, mostly sarcastic, and almost always I laugh at my jokes, internally. That is to say, when I make a smart-ass observation or a comment, I’ll think to myself, “Wow, that was funny. Also, very smart. You are one cool dude”. I think the ‘cool dude’ part for all of the things I say, but the rest of that stuff is reserved for my amateur jokes hour. But when it comes to reading or watching funny stuff, I always go for the pro.

Anyone from South India, which is where I am from, instantly thinks of Goundamani and Senthil, the legendary comedy duo of Tamil cinema. These two have built a comedy legacy that is warranted to live for ever. Their shticks are almost completely from movies which is squarely different from something we see here in the US which predominantly takes stand up form. When I started watching these stand up comedians, initially, I did not really get them and at that time I was not so good with Google search either. Times have gone by and now I can proudly say I have gotten to know an eclectic collection of comedy routines from some of the best orators to step on a stage and not run for public office. People like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Burr and Jimmy Carr, just to name a few have given so much pleasure and, in a lot of ways, enlightenment for me about life and other totally unimportant stuff. Many a evening, I have come back home, desolate, and a few minutes of video clips from these guys  and my spirit is instantly uplifted. The only thing that is better than quality jokes is a quality story that has jokes.

Ira Glass is what many story tellers call a “A Story Jedi” and if you have ever listened to his shows in Public Radio, then you know the force is exceptionally stronger with this one. Ira has a talent to make simple story sound great and a great story, even greater. It takes a special kind of skill and taste to completely mesmerize your audience through the radio with nothing but just voice. He has a very straight and low key sense of humor and it is very addictive. Check out his multi-award winning long running show “This American Life“. A more recent humorist I found out from TAL was this guy called Mike Birbiglia – You may already know him from his famous blog “My Secret Public Journal“. I have pretty much fallen for this guy’s hilarious, but always touching, stories.

If you had guessed by now that this post today is about my promotion of Mike’s Blog, then you are correct. Pat yourself for being very smart. In fact the entire, rather long, introduction and body of the post was due to my inability to quickly go to the subject. But here it is. Oh, by the way, if you had not guessed that this post was about Mike’s blog, then ignore what I said in the previous sentences and read on, blissfully.

Mike Birbiglia’s routine comes from real life. He goes from show to show telling people about the various things happened to him since his childhood. Predictably for a comedian, most of stories are childhood and teenage ones and they are super funny. But the stories are also very emotional and personal. Even when he narrates about the time he was diagnosed with cancer, benign though, he says it like a story about a drunken party. There are many of his videos in Youtube (This one is my favorite), and be sure to check out some of his personal writings and show itinerary which can be found in his blog “My Secret Public Journal”.

Little Back Story: I was listening to one of his stories online and I commented in the page saying how much I loved his stuff. In a few minutes I get an email from him, probably automated, but still, saying since I liked his work, I should promote it to my friends who may actually buy his books and CDs (which are awesome by the way). Well, I am a nice guy and I consider you my friends.

Who is your favorite funny person? Do you have any funny stuff that you watch in Youtube over and over again? Spread the laughter man!! Also, did you find out what is the girl version of ‘fellow’ ?

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