Create,Contribute – Make An Impact.

Are you a handy man? Do you prefer to make and fix things yourself instead of buying new things all the time? If so, you, sir, should start blogging.

See the whole point of our existence is to make things. Contrary to popular belief we, as people, are not supposed to just consume things but create things. These things can be tiny or large, simple or intricate, but the base requisite is always to just produce. In today’s world, we make a stark contrast between “consumers’ and “creators”, those who demand and those who supply. The common notion is to believe that in order to be a consumer one pays and buys things, while a producer or creator makes things that the consumers can buy. But this notion does not take into consideration the fact that we all produce, sometimes unintentionally. You buy a stove and some vegetables and you produce food. You buy a laptop, but then you could create, apps, songs, videos or blogs. You buy a car and you, if over the age of 50, cause misery to others by just driving it. Even if you only buy things and never create anything, you still generate waste which in turn is used by industries that handle waste, based on the type. We always create, or at least, have the potential to create.

If the internet is made of information of varying degree of usefulness, then this particular type of information gets its demand from our basic instinct of DIY – Do It Yourself. When you need something, you don’t go out and buy it, but you make it. If something is broken, you fix it, yourself. In earlier days people asked their friends, neighbors but with the internet you don’t even have to ask. Some one has already put the fix on the internet; you just have to find it. Did you know that the first use of UseNet and other Torrent/Peer-to-Peer networks were established to exchange programming manuals? Today, these DIY websites are pervasive every where on the internet and there are websites catering virtually every category imaginable. Seriously, do a Google search for DIY websites.

You are wondering now, “where do I come in?”. Well, you are already in. You just don’t know it. When you search for something online and you find it from some forum, do you comment? then you are already contributing. Whenever you find a great news article, an excellent photo or an awesome video, if you share it with your friends, you are contributing to each of those contents and spreading the information. Everytime you ‘Like’ something on Facebook it let’s your friends know that you stamped your approval thereby they can consume that information and learn something, even if its just a video of cats dressed like Nazis. You can take it even further. Post your own findings, ideas and nifty little tricks you know. It does not have to be complex or exhaustive. All it has to be is useful.

For instance consider this. I did some ironing of a shirt today morning, which i do only once every 6 months, and after completing it could not fold back the iron board. After struggling with it for about 20 minutes I gave up and went to work. I spent another 30 minutes after coming back home in the evening and only managed to completely dislodge the little metal lever that holds the entire folding mechanism in place. My roommate, who is a civil engineer, tried his hand and he gave up after 10 minutes proclaiming, the only way out is to buy a new one. At this point, as a last resort, and as is mandatory for any self respecting IT guy, I did a google search and presto. I got the answer pretty soon, and more importantly it was not from some big name website like Lifehacker or Instructable, but a simple blog by CraftyRedhead is where I found it. Within two minutes, my iron board was folding as smooth as a whistle. Filled with pictures and steps to fix the iron board CraftyRedhead had literally cured my frustration and possibly saved me some money. She did not intend to help me. She just shared the stuff she knew and it was all it took to make my day. When I commented on her page I also contributed, a tiny bit.

So get out there and share you knowledge. Through, forums, websites, blogs and tweets spread all those nuggets of brilliance in your head so that some unknown can benefit from them and create their own stuff. Although, we all consume, we can also create. By doing this, no matter how small you contribution is, you can still make an impact.

Where do you find your favorite articles? Do you create your own ? Do you regularly comment on topics of your interest? or Do you prefer buying things over making them yourself?

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