Managers Are The Greatest People Ever

Have you been surprised before? And I mean genuinely surprised, like, wide eyed, jaw-dropped totally freaked out surprised? If you have, consider yourself lucky. I myself have never been totally surprised like that. Not until today.

I get up today in the morning, cursing to the Gods of the seas and mountains, totally grumbled about today being a Monday, the first day of work week. More sadly, it will be 5 more days before weekend rolls in again and I don’t even want to think about what goes on during those 5 days. We, as in myself and my team at the office, have been working very hard for the past few months hitting each short deadline, working weekends, nights and what not. And sadly, there is still, at least, a couple of weeks left for the big release and even though we are very much in the safe zone, we cannot put our guard down. Not to mention, there is still big piece of the project on my plate which is in progress. Combine this with the near hundred degree Fahrenheit temperatures in Phoenix these days, this Monday is as good as any a day of the week to take a day off. But of course I, like everybody else, went to work.

I start up my laptop, and in comes the furry of emails in my Outlook. I grab a cup of coffee and simply peruse through the emails, trying to figure out which one to reply, which one to can, but wait. Something catches my eye and refuses to let go. I see something that spells – MacBook. Wait, it is not just MacBook, it says MacBook Pro. Hmm, interesting. Could it be, really?. I click the email and a neatly and succinctly written message with glorious blue fonts appear on my screen. The complete, unedited text is as shown here.

Subject: New MacBook Pro

You have been authorized to recieve a new MacBook Pro. Please le…

There were other stuff in the email, but I don’t seem to notice any of them. It took a while to sink in but it finally did. I am going to get a MacBook Pro at my office. I don’t remember the last time when I was silently laughing so much with such joy. I know its just a piece of uni-body aluminum containing a bunch of third-world made and America assembled hardware running a few easily over priced software but still, its a f@%king MacBook. A truly genuine surprise is very powerful and this one literally washed over me, cleaning out all the tiredness and frustrations I had in the morning. More I thought about it, it made sense even more. Its not like they are giving this laptop to everyone; Many contend and compete but only select few are chosen by the uber-lords of employment to be worthy of such highly priced artifact. I had a great day throughout, there was a spring to my step and I rattled off commands and executed functions effortlessly like lightning shooting out of Poseidon’s hands. Overall it was a good day. Also I gave myself the ‘Best Employee Of The Year For Today” award for being such a wonderful and priceless asset for the company. I am sure the chiefs above me would totally concur.

As you know, I am a humble man. I am not one to brag about my laurels often, but truth be told, I feel pretty amazing right now. I would go so far as to say that this has been due for a long time. They should have given this to me as soon as I joined, even though back then I was just happy to have a job, for I am smart and special. I am, if I may say so, a true genius. I have always carried my humility plainly to see in my hands and from now on I shall a carry my MacBook also along with it. I was carrying the humility in both hands, now I have to share them. One hand MacBook – One hand humility. And that’s the way of life.

Don’t feel belittled. Just try your best. That’s all one can ask. Peace be upon you.

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