Congratulations, You Are A Psychopath (probably)

Do you lie? Were you a trouble maker in you teen years? Do you fake emotions to deliberately manipulate others?

Congratulations, YOU are a psychopath. You are, at least, very likely to be a psychopath. I know you are shocked about this sudden revelation. For some of you it is a terrible prospect, and for others, well, you are just surprised at how I came to know of this fact. Deep down you knew that this day was coming. Admit it, you are almost happy that its out. Now, you don’t have to camouflage it anymore.

Before you start vehemently opposing my deposition and start sending me exploding packages and/or an assassination squad, let me be clear that I am not lying. What I said about you earlier comes from an actual psycho detection check list developed by an actual psycho researcher. The actual test called PCL-R (Psychopathy Checklist-Revised) was developed by the actual psycho researcher Robert Hare, who is from Canada. The checklist – psychopath test – was in fact revised by him in 2003 and it is currently used worldwide in various medical, law and order and criminal treatment institutions.

Dr.Hare compiled a list of qualities that were identified by Dr.hare and others in the field of psychopathy as typically exhibited by convicted psychopaths and he has produced a neat checklist of these qualities that one can use to see if someone you know, your parents, your spouse or your children or even your friends are actually psychopaths. Never has such a brilliant tool been provided in our hands like this one that would help us truly identify the vile and the remorseless among us normal saintly beings. And don’t doubt its validity for a minute because, as you read this, parole boards around the country, from the sun baked jails of California to the under-financed prisons of New York, use this test as a benchmark. See, whenever the scheduled parole eligibility of a prisoner comes up, he or she must be evaluated by a state appointed psychologist who basically gives this test – this is nothing more than a question and answer session – and the score is then stamped on the top of the prisoner’s file. This number, between 0 and 40, serves as an indicator as to how likely the person will exhibit psychopathic behavior. The standard benchmark is that nobody scores more than 30 and anything greater than 20 is seen as a screaming arrow with flashing lights that the person is capable of causing terrible pain to others while feeling no guilt or remorse- the standard definition of a psychopath. When the person comes up before the parole board, they use number to make a decision. The number is supposed to act as just one of the factors in deciding if the person gets parole, but in reality anyone with score greater than 20 is almost certain to be rejected for parole.

Now you are thinking , in your psychopathic head, how did this guy know all this? Well, I was listening to Public Radio’s This American Life and they did a show about this. There is this guy called, Jon Ronson (author of the book, ‘Men who stare at goats’ was made into a movie with George Clooney), who has written a book about this test and how its used in today’s hyper-active, hyper-social and instant gratification afflicted world and has come up with some startling data. Did you know that one percent of the general population in US qualify as psychopathic, 25 percent of prisoners in the US qualify as well, but the most weird bit of statistic is that, 4 percent of business leaders, your CEOs and board members, showed classic behaviors of psychopaths. Think about that for a minute. Suddenly, the term “evil corporation” has a new dimension to it. This also explains why many bank CEOs were defending the lavish bonuses they gave to themselves while the rest of the country was getting crushed in the recession. Also, a good percentage of elected officials qualify. But that should not really be a surprise to anyone.

Here is the unofficial and funnier version of the psychopath checklist. Check it out and share your score. Come on, do it. if you don’t post your score, then it means you scored more than 20 and you just don’t want others to know. If you lied about your score then you are manipulating and either way, you are psychopath 🙂 I like this test. So post your scores either in Facebook or in the comments section here and let’s see who among us scores the highest. BTW, my score was 13 (oddly, that is also my birth date).

Do you feel smart after reading this or do you think this was unworthy of your attention? Did this blog in anyway affect your grandiose sense of self-worth? Or do you think this is just crap?

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  1. i got a 6. when i was in school I would have said 7 or 8 but thats it.

    13 – u are a dangerous fellow….

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