Today’s Most Awesome Man Award Goes To Dale

Do you use Twitter? Are you a member of the tweet circle? Although I have said some awful things about Twitter in the past, and sometimes in the present, I have always acknowledged its usefulness in many instances. When you have to send an important information to a group of people in an instant there is really is no simple alternative to Twitter. Sure most of the things that are tweeted on any given day are insignificant crap that are not even worth the data packets they consume. But in able hands, Twitter becomes one of the most powerful sources of information. And not just any information; Information that you need and information that you want. I am a sucker for humor, especially ones that are weird and brilliant and Twitter can be an invaluable source of it. Speaking of brilliantly weird things did you hear about Dale? No?! well, he is the winner of our first ever Today’s Most Awesome Man award.

Dale Price is just another guy from Utah. Of course for his family and friends he could be a special guy, but if you or I saw him on the street one day, we won’t even remember the guy after he passes us. He is your everyday Joe. But there is a much darker, much sinister and evidently hilarious side to this seemingly sedate man. You see, Dale is also a father with a son attending high school whose school bus happens to pass their house every morning. As shown in many movies, and very much unlike real life, Dale wakes up early in the morning everyday, stands in his front yard and waves to the bus as it passes by, filled with his 15 year old son, Rain Price, and all of his friends and school mates. Touching and cute, but that is not why Dale is getting our first ever Today’s Most Awesome Man award.

You see Dale does not just wave. He’s got a routine. He wakes up every morning, puts on ‘a’ costume and then waves. Of course you must have guessed that he puts on a funny dress which must be very amusing. Well, did you guess this? How about this? No, you did not, did you? See this man, this great, great man, had made a decision that everyday he will adorn a costume, no matter how ridiculous or incredible the costume is, and then walk bravely to the world and wave at his teenage son and his teenage colleagues as the school bus passes his house. Sure, adolescent years are one of the worst years in a kid’s life, if you are not at the right pecking order of social status, but this dad did not let that bother him. The unforgiving pressure that a teenager feels is enormous as it is and the fact that he might well make his son a social outcast did not deter him, even a little. Neighbors’ bewildered looks and the prospect of becoming famous on the internet for the wrong reasons did not even faze this man. For Dale is a brave soldier. He decided for one full school year, about 175 days, he will wear a costume, some wacky, some classic, a few outrageous, and wave for his son. And he did it, successfully. He never missed a day, never wore the same costume; Rain or Sunshine he was there in his front yard. Even when he was sick he made a cardboard figure with costume that waved to the bus.

This is about overcoming fear. Fears come in different flavors – from the inside and outside; Fear of others and fear of oneself. For many, fears, big and small, have kept us confined within our imaginary limits casting doubts and uncertainty. Some spend an entire lifetime unable to conquer single one of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But we are all more than capable of breaking through. Hell, Dale just found an interesting way of overcoming it. And that clearly makes him worthy of our Today’s Most Awesome Man award.

And so, without further adieu, please join me in awarding Dale Prince of Utah the title Today’s Most Awesome Man. We bow to you sir.

All of his costumes with pictures and very funny commentary are available here at his blog, courtesy of his wife. (This must be a wonderful family).

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