Great Topics Are Hard To Come By

It is very hard coming up with great topic to type everyday. You may have noticed in some of my earlier posts that sometimes they are too short or too simple. I try to keep them within two or three paragraphs, but often I forget to moderate the size of the paragraphs themselves and thus resulting in blog posts that differ in size much like the assorted bananas you get at the grocery store. But the size of the post is hardly an indicator of its quality. Content of the post, on the other hand, has everything to do with the blog’s quality. The blog’s content is entirely left to the emotional state or mood that I am in when I start typing and everyday it’s a different state of mind when I press the first key. Although, I wanted to just blog about the various things that go through my head on a daily basis, after 25 posts, I can see it makes the blog seem a bit too inconsistent. I will confess to the fact that, even after almost 4 weeks of blogging everyday, I am yet to develop a routine for this activity. As anyone who has tried to develop a habit will attest, developing a consistent routine is integral to any habit’s success.

After yesterday’s post, which was admittedly shorter, but definitely not the shortest, Kamal, over at Facebook suggested I ought to consider accepting posts from guest writers. Coincidentally this thought occurred to me a few times since I started this blog but I always stopped myself from entertaining it. The aim I set for myself when I started was that I will personally write a post every day for a year and if I simply publish some one else’s post,then it would mean that I am not honoring my own goal and that’s the wrong kind of goal one can dishonor. But the idea is an interesting one and, let’s face it, I, as great as I may be, cannot be expected to produce a literary work of genius everyday.

The idea of guest posts also makes this blog more than what it is now. Instead of just one person’s perspective, this blog could become a platform upon which other high-minded persons of impressive sophistication can make remarkable imprints and there by add to the already sky rocketing significance of this blog. I guess I can just add a preface or some sort of introductory note at the top and thus making a miniscule contribution to the post which conveniently satisfies the original stipulation I had set. Yes, I think it would work out pretty well. Instead of being just my ‘Mind Swirls’ this would be the place of a huge ‘Whirlpool of Minds’.

It might take a while to streamline the logistics, but for now, I guess, I’ll just make an open invitation for anyone and everyone interested in posting their ideas at my blog. These blogs can be about anything as long as you don’t mind other people reading them. I know you all have been waiting, impatiently and without sleep, for this opportunity and I shall deprive you of this pleasure no more. Before you start emailing me your volumes of Pulitzer Prize material, make sure your posts meet these guidelines.

1. The post must have a title.

2. Must be in English.

3. Rules 1 and 2 are non-negotiable.

If you are interested (don’t kid yourself – of course you are interested) send me a private message over at Facebook and we can co-ordinate from there. If you already have my email id, go ahead and send your post through email. Since Kamal started this whole thing, it would be fitting if he provides the first guest post. But, in all fairness, posts will be published in First-In-First-Out basis. For now, lets set Fridays to be the day for Guest posts.

Let’s cause a revolution in people’s mind together now.

Post: 25 of 365

I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash


One thought on “Great Topics Are Hard To Come By

  1. Yesterdays blog was bogus, I felt the same thing, introspection is good but the whole blog about that is like cheating your readers.

    As a reader we start getting expectations on the blogs which is natural. So my expectation when I read a blog from you is, what is single most interesting thought that went through your brain that day or put some effort and write beforehand some interesting things which you want to tell us or a opinion you had on something.

    That way on a few days if nothing interesting happens you can open your idea library to entertain us. I don’t like the idea of others blog, just put a hyperlink to their blog if you want us to read it.

    If you want it to be your space then as our father of the nation said – DO OR DIE…

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