Friday, Friday, Everybody Loves Friday

It’s about time the weekend arrived. This week has been unusually long even with the fact that it was just a four day work week. At office we are approaching the release date of a major product update and the pace of work has gone up a notch. And as a result, I am more exhausted than usual when I get home. There have been some setbacks because of this.

One, video games. Its been more than 3 weeks since I touched my Xbox controller for some quality game time. In recent months its a huge break from the norm since, before the hiatus, I was punching in a solid 20 hours or more every week shooting mutants, drop kicking bosses, maiming aliens and even romanticizing galactic hotties . Back at my home in India, before packing my bags for the US, I used to play a whole lot of games. Since arriving here I had lost contact with my inner gamer when I was a student studying (sometimes) and working part-time (often enough). Good times rolled in again when my Xbox arrived last January and since then we have found our place in each other’s hearts ( processor for the Xbox, but I don’t say it since that hurts my XBox’s feelings). After multiple playthroughs of Halo, Bioshock, Batman Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect 2 I felt I was ready for the big dog and bought the game that put the word “violent” in “violent video games” – Grand Theft Auto IV. It must have been a jinxed disc; Ever since I received it I have not played a single game. The streak continues to today.

Another front that has suffered due to increased workload is my other, non-blog based,literary endeavor, reading books from the public library. Last time the subject came up I told you guys that I am planning to read at least one story a day in the Mark Twain’s Short Story book and at least one chapter per week in the Non Designer’s Design book. The short stories are going down pretty quickly, thanks to the excellent narrative of the author and the stories being short,of course. But I am sorry to say that progress in the Designer’s book is  painfully slow. Its slower than a snail with crawling disabilities. Its slower than a grandma walking in steep incline. Its even slower than a sleeping giant tortoise. Progress has completely stopped is what I am trying to say here. The streak continues today as well.

All this will change tomorrow, for I have an action plan. Here is how.

Action Plan:

1. Wake up

2. drink coffee and breakfast

3. Start up Xbox, insert GTA IV disc and play until fingers hurt.

4. Take break

5. Start reading Designer’s Book until head hurts

6. Take break

7. Blog about step 3 and 5.


Wish me luck.

24 down. 341 more to go. See you tomorrow.

(I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash