When The Going Gets Tough..

We have entered a critical moment in our blog ‘s timeline. The plan is to write a blog every single day, no matter what the circumstances are.  And presently circumstances have risen which threaten to derail this literary express that has been running non-stop for the past seventeen days. Let me elaborate.

This weekend is a long weekend due to Memorial day. Let me double elaborate on the long weekend part for the sake of my non-US of A based readers. A Long weekend is when we get three days of holiday which includes the usual Saturday and Sunday plus either the preceding Friday or the succeeding Monday, there by making it three days long. Now back to original elaboration.

Me and my friends are big on traveling. We never miss any opportunity to go to a new place and just explore. A long weekend is a perfect time for us to do what we enjoy since three days, instead of the usual two days, give us enough time for long distance travel either by road or flight. And whenever we travel, in order to save money, we  always book hotels that gives us the best discount offers and usually these hotels are not so charitable when it comes to free Wireless internet. And thus we have reached our predicament.

This weekend three of my college buddies are coming over to my place and we will be driving to Page, a remote township in Arizona. From there we plan to visit Antelope Canyon and possibly a valley( i forgot the name) in Utah. Now if I have to continue on my marathon writing course, then I need the internet wherever we go, at least for a few minutes. We have booked a Super 8 Motel for Saturday and Sunday nights and usually Super 8’s tend to have free internet. I will be taking my laptop of course and I will try my best keep our enterprise alive and ongoing. But just in case, if the circumstances manage to blockade my best efforts, I may not post one tomorrow and possibly on Sunday. Do not panic.

I will make sure I write up the post for each day and post them as soon as I reach Internet territory.

One of my friends just landed in the airport. He is not the plane, he is one of the guys sitting inside it. Also, he is not the pilot.

Wish me luck for the weekend posts 🙂

18 down. 347 more to go. See you tomorrow.

(I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash)