Even Lab Rats Are Interesting

I kept watching the cursor in its text box as it blinked, non stop at regular intervals. Its been more than 45 minutes since I started today’s blog post and not a single word has been typed in the meantime. Not the title, not the main body, nothing. I moved over to the New York Times website to read some news and may be get some ideas for the blog. Missouri’s deadly tornado has left behind trail of devastation that is still revealing itself. Economist Pual Krugman gave an excellent account of why Europe is facing a debt calamity that is far worse than the US and precisely who to blame. Some articles about sexual infidelity in men with power, praises for the Cannes movie festival’s best performers and some mocking opinions about the rapture predictions and how only zero % of it came true. I read all of these articles and still found no topic that I want to write about.

My stomach made that grumbling noise that it makes when it is hungry and I decided, in a second, I wanted fish for dinner. Its such a rarity – me making a quick decision – so I sprung into action. I marinated and baked the pre-cut and frozen Trout from Costco. I was out of fish curry and so used chicken masala instead. Don’t be appalled, it actually came out pretty tasty. I had it with some dried banana chips and it was very nice. Some orange juice to wash it down and I am satisfied.

I drop by laptop every 5 minutes or so to make sure the blank page has not gone anywhere. The black cursor is till blinking away, relentlessly. Against the white back drop of the text box, every blink of that vertical stroke feels like an axe chopping down my desire to write this blog. I step out again.

I read some twitter updates in my iPod Touch. I follow some of my favorite comedians like Stephen Colbert and John Hodgman. I also follow this character with twitter handle “pourmecoffee”. This is a mysterious person (presumed to be so) who posts some of the best topical commentary on everything thats happening in the world. Mostly funny, often insightful and always interesting, his/her/its posts are a real treat. If you are in twitter-sphere, be sure to check it out. Still nothing has piqued my interest to blog about.

When you are not feeling particularly enthusiastic about the moment, comedy is a great escape hatch. Often times in the day I find myself watching some of my favorite comedy clips from Tamil cinema. One of the greatest icons of Tamil comedy is the hilarious duo of Goundamani and Senthil. These guys ruled Tamil humor scene for more than a decade, but unfortunately there are so many clips of these two bringing down the house that its a pain searching the best videos in YouTube. Mr. M, who shares my affinity towards these great comedians, has created a playlist in YouTube precisely for making people like me happy. I’ll say the same thing I replied to him when I saw his video first. Mr.M, you have done a great service to all Tamilians of the world. Nice work buddy. My only complaint is that you missed this gem and this one too.

You can watch the compilation here. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ it.

Its been an hour now since the blank page started staring right at me. I think the the God of blogs is not in my favor today. I shall abandon my efforts for today’s blog and try again later. This still counts though šŸ™‚

14 down. 351 more to go. See you tomorrow.

(I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash)