Change The World, One Blog At A Time

I was catching up with a friend, known only to the world as M, over the phone today and as we were discussing the recent developments in and around our lives, the topic of my blogging activity came up. Obviously, he was all in praise about my blogs. He was fascinated by my revolutionary idea of blogging everyday for a whole year. He found my eloquent language and immersive narrative style a real treat to experience and urged me to continue this literary endeavor as a means to spread, what is the most valuable wealth of all, my thoughts and opinions. Or as I call them, my Mind Swirls (copyright). And in return for this service, he will comment on each and every post of mine adding even more value to the posts that are already priceless. So please join me, dear readers, in welcoming our first and certainly most promising contributor yet, M.

So much of blogging is done by true professionals for whom blogs provide an expressive yet unrestrained platform upon which they can exhibit their works, whether its art or analysis, technology or trivia. But the realm of blogs is really much more wider. Its more spread out than it appears on the surface especially considering the fact that anything and everything on the internet that allows users to express themselves without constraint is, by function, a blog. A 5 page article in Huffington Post about news is a blog and so are the rolling updates from a tech event provided by Gizmodo. YouTube’s user page lists a user’s own and his or her favorite blogs which happen to be in video form (called vlogs) while podcasts are spoken blogs (slogs??). Blogs can be made of cartoons, photographs, origami or haiku. And of course Twitter, which upon closer reflection, reveals itself as a series of very short chirpy blogs called tweets. Given the breadth of the media that supports blogs, it is easy to infer that the types of people who engage in the activity of blogging include every single person on the planet who is capable of and willing to participate. In the same vein, the topics that are discussed within the blogs are also as varied as the contorted patterns on our fingers.

Whether its about politics or sports, social issues or finance, a blog is simply an outpouring of one’s mind. Some are curated and some are hastily drawn. A judgement of any blog is, and of course should be, based on its subject matter. And the subject must be relevant. Relevant here is a subjective term, since a subject cannot be of similar fascination to everyone. By law of averages, every topic imaginable must be an interesting one to someone in this wide online world. The number of people who like the general content of a blog is guaranteed to be at least one, at the minimum, namely the owner of the blog. Technically the owner of any blog is not the writer but it is the collective readership of the blog. A  blog’s contributor, of which there can be many, is merely a provider of content but it is the audience who experience it, validate its material, and empower its reach.

The writer is responsible for most of the content in the blog. He or she sets the tone and expectations of the blog – some do it based on the nature of the audience and, for some, its the original intent that drives the core of the subject. No matter what the original intent or the morphing expectation is, a blog is expected to be an interesting one. There can be different levels of interesting-ness that a blog can exhibit but they are, in their raw and free flowing form, just a bunch of random monologues swimming inside one’s head. These simplistic form of soliloquies may or may not impress many, but they have the potential to invoke ideas that can be far reaching in the readers’ minds. And if even one idea is thus generated that positively affects just a single molecule of this endless universe, a blog has fulfilled its most basic purpose. And sometimes they come from some of the most mundane of things. Acts that occur in everyday lives of us humans that barely registers as anything meaningful, anything interesting. But they can, even if only in miniscule fashion, make a difference in someone’s thoughts. Oddly enough, such thoughts often end up to be the most transformative ones. Sometimes for the individual. Sometimes for the world.

So let us all get blogging.

And add comments. Seriously 🙂

13 down. 352 more to go. See you tomorrow.

(I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash)


2 thoughts on “Change The World, One Blog At A Time

  1. Mudiyala.

    But still the second to last para has a great flow to it. I never thought somebody could blog about blogging in such random words picked from internet sources.

    So okay go ahead and change the world. But let this not stop your search for something bigger (Miami…I mean)

    1. Yes, Yes…Mission accomplished.
      After you raised the stakes yesterday, there is no way i am forgetting that little agreement between us.

      Also, what internet sources? None of it was copied…everything here is the result of ‘Nane Sindhichen’ 😀

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