A Week’s Worth Of Food In One Day

Today must be the day of gluttony.

I went out for lunch with a couple of colleagues from work to a Chinese place. May be it was the fact that I was famished at lunch hour since I hit the gym and then skipped breakfast earlier today. Or may be the Dim-sum that was served so delicious that I lost count of how many I consumed. Sufficed to say I was stuffed to the neck by time we left the restaurant. After that heavy lunch, and today being Friday, there was not much work to be expected from me. I left work early round 5:15, came home and hit the sack at exactly 6:15.

Fast forward to 9:00, I woke up to the realization that today is my room mate’s birthday. This will be his 27th trip around the sun and we decided to go out for supper. First we chose Pei Wei, but after we found out that they close at 10 pm, we switched to the always trusty and tasteful P.F Chang’s. As usual, the food was great and the waiter was over-enthusiastic. Just half way through the meal I was full and had to pack the rest for home. We went for good stroll around the blocks of Mill avenue which is Tempe’s downtown, sort-of.

We ogled at the many finely and skimpily dressed girls waiting in line to get into the load bars which line that street. That’s when I found that the time was almost 11, which meant I did not have much time before the clock strikes 12 and my blog-a-day marathon would come to a catastrophic end. But thanks to my room mate’s fast driving skills, I made it to my apartment by 11:30 and viola, the blogging streak is intact.

I have to say, I don’t eat this much food usually, at least not in one day. I am pretty sure that what I did today diet-wise is not something that my body will appreciate. But once in a while is okay, I guess.

Quick shout-out to my friend Kamalasekar for his mocking yet encouraging comment over at Facebook regarding my posts. Thanks Buddy. I am glad that I have you as my dedicated audience who will read every one of my posts every day as long as I am posting them.

12 down. 353 more to go. See you tomorrow.

(I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash)