Brain Cheat #101

It is 11:45 PM mountain standard time, which means I have just 14 minutes to post this blog, if I want to keep my blog-a-day run going.

I think I figured out a way to keep me motivated to go to the gym regularly. The plan is to workout every other day in the mornings, around 5 AM, but what happens most of the days is that I wake up to Rocky’s training theme in my laptop, turn it off and go back to bed. But later in the day, when I see a picture of a an athlete or a body builder I feel bad for skipping workout since that is the kind of chiseled body I want to have. If you put a barbell in front of me now I would squat the hell out of it. So why is it that the same enthusiasm does not occur when it actually matters, namely in the mornings?

I kept pondering about it until it came to me. Visualization. Whenever your mind decides to do something, it draws up a picture of what the desired outcome of the activity should be. If you decide to cook, your mind has already looked at the food you are about to prepare and has initiated the process. Want to watch a Goundamani comedy in Youtube? Just moments before deciding if you want to watch the video, you brain mines your memory to find the best image related to that activity (In this case, its probably this clip) which sets off all the necessary mood generators to bring you into the right emotional state. And all of this finally leads to you making the firm, almost subconscious decision of watching that video. So all I have to do is to find a way for my brain to visualize something that sets right emotion so that I decide to go to gym instead of going back to bed.

Now, when my laptop alarm goes in the morning,  it also flashes front and center, this awesome, sculpted image of Actor Surya.

Palani Padiakattu Madhiri Evlo Cuttings!!

I am happy to report that since I have started using this technique, I have not missed going to the gym in a week. Yes, its very early to merit success to this theory but I have a good feeling about this. The thing that most impresses me about this little trick is that its has made it a very simple process. There is no debating with myself whether I should go to gym or not. My brain does not have time to tell me how great it will be to go back to my comfy bed. As soon as that buffed up picture of Surya registers in my mind, even before I turn off the alarm, the decision has been made and I know I am going to get dressed and get out the door. The other options does not even come to mind. That is awesome. We’ll see if this neat trick works out in the long run as well.

Do you use any ideas like this to trick your brain to submission? Have you ever come up with a mind hack that was so cool that you congratulated yourself for coming up with it? Share those ideas in the comments section so that the people of the Internets can benefit from them.

10 down. 355 more to go. See you tomorrow.

(I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash)