Here Is To Our Imperfectness

I read a brilliant article today, a commencement speech, actually, given by Anna Qunidlen at Mt. Holyoke College. Contrary to most speeches in such venues which tend to urge the young minds in the audience to go for the sky, work hard and persevere with discipline to reach great heights in society, hers was seriously different. She actually asked them to let go of the perfectness that is expected of a successful person. She advocates openly embracing the imperfectness of our individual self – our entirely clumsy, introverted and totally insane, complete self, and then goes on to give an excellent defense of that theory. And at the end of the road we essentially find ourselves as a being that is very much at peace with its own flaws and excellence and a being that is truly free. I would do no justice to her speech trying to summarize it here in my words (anymore than I have done already), so hit up the link here and be awesome.

Literary Update:

I am making painfully slow progress with the Desginer’s Book. I have managed to finish a quarter of the first chapter, which is 8 pages or about 0.2% of the book. But I can honestly blame this on the amount of work I have been doing at the office. I am swamped with so many tasks that I have not read an article in The New York Times website in a week which is exactly the amount of time I have been too busy at work. Coincidence? I think not.

Mark Twain’s Short Stories got a good start yesterday. I finished the preface of the book in one sitting. Don’t be laughin’ at that coz it ain’t cheap. Yes, I have been listening to some rap today. But seriously, the preface to that book which was written by Lawrence Berkove – who is also the editor – is obviously a big fan of Mr.Twain. He showers one adjective after very-well-picked adjective but still manages not to come off like he is trying to sell his own book. He seemed really genuine with this affection towards Mr. Twain who apparently had a great influence in the author’s childhood. Also I learned that, Mark Twain failed in every single thing, that wasn’t a writing job, he took up in his adult life. One of his failures also included a prominent investment in a form of type set printing machine in which he lost a fortune. Its kind of comforting that even such a man of great adoration from the masses had such poor run of fate in his life.

So, the current target is to finish the first chapter in the Designer’s Book and at least one story in Twain’s Short Stories by the end of the week. That should not be hard – The title of the book says they are short stories.

A  quick shout-out to friend Shareth for sharing his sleep routine over at Facebook to conquer my sleep demon. I had complained about my annoying evening naps in my previous post. His way is to align the sleep/wake cycle more inline with the body’s biological clock. Sticking to patterns like going to to bed early and getting up early and in set and consistent times without the aid of alarm clock lets the body naturally adapt itself for the new time table. This makes sense considering every time you wake up to the alarm sound, you are essentially breaking your brain’s sleep pattern abruptly and its even more troublesome if, like me, you wake up at completely random times every day. Yesterday I woke up at 5, and today at 7:45 AM. You see the problem.

This is something I should definitely keep in mind, but the more troubling issue for me is the after work lethargicness. Today, I came up with a plan. I had noticed I get real sleepy after work at around 6.30 PM, so today I stayed in the office till 7 and by the time I came home it was 7:45 and almost time for dinner. This way I could not sleep, even though I am bit drowsy as I type this. Since its nap time in a few minutes anyway sleeping now would be fine :).Although this worked today, I don’t think this would be a long term solution.I need a better fix.

Idea Machine..START.

Meanwhile, share your thoughts to overcome this debilitation.

9 down. 356 more to go. See you tomorrow.

(I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year crusade. Keep me motivated with your comments. Or cash)