Untimely Naps Are A Curse On Humanity

Just woke up an hour ago. The after-work-sleepiness which I had complained about previously here was pretty heavy today. I had stayed a little late at work to finish up pending tasks and it was around 7 by the time I reached home and freshened up. I had no plans of going to bed, but mysteriously I found myself in my bed by 7:45. I knew straight away this is not going to go well. After more than an hour, I woke up around 9:30 and that too with a mild headache. Who wakes up with a headache after an evening nap? This has gone too far, and it is time a solution is devised.

I found a wonderful website today. Its called PlasticJungle. Opposite to its non-consumerist name its a website about gift cards. Do you get certain gift cards from your friends, relatives and colleagues that you know for sure you won’t use them? For instance, if ou are a guy, a gift card from Bed,Bath And Beyond or even Macy’s is not going to be useful for you most of the time. Similarly, if you are a girl then a gift card from a store that sells something other than cosmetics, clothes or shoes is going to go unused. I know that is a stereotype, but that does not make it untrue. Tomorrow i’ll say bad stuff about little children. Back to gift cards.

So you have one or more gift cards that you are not using and you are simply holding them indefinitely at this point. Over at PlasticJungle.com you can essentially sell them these gift cards at pretty good price. Instead of these cards rotting away day by day due to expiration date or unused days charges, you can sell them to these guys and get back credits or a gift card from a store you like or even actual cash if you prefer. Often time when we don’t have a good use for a card, we end up buying from the store some item just for the sake of spending that card and then feel bad about wasting it. Now you don’t have to. Say you shop at Amazon a lot, and have a bunch of Best Buy gift cards lying around. You can sell it to these guys and they will send you a gift coupon for Amazon with a few bucks less than the the amount in the original card. Yes, you WILL lose a few bucks but you will have the rest of the money to spend in stuff you actually want at a store you like. I found out about it today and was absolutely amazed by the idea. Check it out yourself.

Just to be clear I am not affiliated in anyway to this website. This is a genuine and honest endorsement from my part and if you know me, you also know that I don’t endorse anything that doesn’t involve hot women or video games or hot women playing video games.

I am wide awake at 11 PM here and its very clear that its going to be a long night. Don’t be surprised if you see another one of these blogs before daybreak.

8 down. 357 more to go. See you tomorrow.