One Week Anniversary-YAY

Here it is. The much anticipated seventh blog post in my 365 part series. I am extremely excited about hitting this milestone. You know, in a lot of ways seven is the most important number under 10. That is why we have 7 weeks, 7 seas and 7 commandments (three were added in the later editions). Anyway, its the first time in a long time I have kept up with something for a week, so its great.

Started out with the Design book I mentioned yesterday (see here) I have to say its starts the very basic of design principles involved in anything that is intended to have an audience. Seriously, the first chapter was about ‘Contrast’ and why ‘Text Alignment’ was very important in a document. But the narrative is quite good and the book is filled with illustrations. So far it has gone easy and I am making head way.

I have not touched the Mark Twain’s book yet. I should get it started sometime later tonight. Its been a lazy Sunday. 🙂

7 down. 358 more to go. See you tomorrow.