An Accomplished Saturday

A bit later than the usual time I have been posting the blogs for the past few days. But I have a reason for it. Actually there are more than one reason. Today there were a few things accomplished. A friend of mine had her birthday today and together with some other friends we had a blast. Cake, Food, music..the whole deal. After a long and drawn out planning phase I joined the local public library. I have been wanting to read this Design Book for beginners – A Non-Designer’s Design Book. The name of the book itself should have given you an idea of this book’s awesomeness. I also picked up a book of stories by one Mr.Mark Twain.

Also, today was the day when I completely paid down my car’s loan with Chase bank. For the first time in the history of the universe, there is a four wheel automobile registered and owned in full to my name. All this after waking up at 11 AM today morning. Its been a pretty good day.

And with that we are also one blog closer to our glorious finish next year.

6 down. 359 more to go. See you tomorrow.


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