Happy To Be Here

This is the first post in WordPress since moving from Blogger. Yeah, if you checked the date you would notice that the previous blog was the first one. I had written that blog for Thursday’s post in Blogger, but since that service was unavailable for the entire evening and part of Friday morning, I was unable to post it there. But before the service was restored I had already made the decision to switch to WordPress(WP) and WP was kind of enough to import all of my existing posts over at Blogger.

So from now on this is the new home of my blogs which is exciting. I am still playing around with features and options, but it looks like there is a lot. Hopefully I will settle in soon. After yesterday’s small glitch due to Blogger’s servers, I am happy to report that the “Blog A Day For A Year” is very well on track.

5 down. 360 more to go. See you tomorrow.