Did I say habits are hard?

I was supposed to go to gym today. From the tone of the sentence you would have already guessed that I missed it.
For the last couple months or so, I have started to go to gym in mornings. When I say mornings, I mean way too early in the mornings – around 4.30. If you know me, then you would be totally taken aback by this revelation, since I am what some people might call a ‘late riser’. I used to (still sometimes do) wake up at 8:30 AM for my 9’o clock job and get to office by 9:20. But these days I am getting up a bit early, and even better, I wake up pretty early some days to go to the gym. But I still have not vanquished the sleep demon and as a result struggle to get off the bed.
So that’s what essentially happened today morning. Exactly at 4:30 my laptop alarm went off – the sweet tune of Rocky Theme – and like stood up from bed eyes closed. The without opening them, I walked to  my laptop like a zombie, a handsome zombie if I may say so myself, closed the laptop lid there by stopping one of the most motivating songs ever composed for a Sylvester Stallone movie and went right back to bed.
Fast forward to 7:30, I wake up feeling bad for skipping gym. Strange thing is I am not sad that I missed the workout, that is only a partial reason for my sadness, but most of the sadness comes from the fact that I wont be seeing the two hot chicks who come to gym at the same time as me. These two girls are presumably friends, early to mid twenties, super hot and always chattering during workout. I rarely workout in their vicinity since I spend all my time near the compound free weight section while they stick to simple assist machines. Even then I consider them to be one of the perks of my workout. And not being able see them today is more frustrating for me than me missing the workout entirely. May be I’ll do it tomorrow.
And tomorrow is Friday. Which means its just one more day to go before the weekend arrives. When you rejoice for the weekend even when you know you are not going to be doing anything special, that when you know that you are hating your job. At least I got the “Social Network” from Netflix today. I have been meaning to watch the movie for a while now.
Hopefully I’ll go to gym tomorrow.
4 down. 361 more to go. See you tomorrow.