Habits are hard!!

Just got back from work. To be honest, I was not sure if I would keep up my newly taken quest in blogging. For some reason everyday when i get home from work I feel pretty tired and sleepy. This is weird because I work at a desk, a regular 9:15 to 5.45 software developer job, with literally zero sweating involved, even in Arizona.
But for some reason I feel completely drained out when I get home. I used to workout a bit in the evenings after work and whenever it was time to hit the gym it was an impossible fight between laziness+sleep and workout+health. I missed a lot of workouts because of this.
Now, all I have to do is login into my blogspot account and type some words and punctuations and i’ll be done. But even for that I have to summon every single ounce of determination and drag my ass to the key board.
I should read up some stuff regarding this phenomenon. Is it just me or does it happen to other people as well, like you? Let me know if you experience similar lethargy after work for no apparent reason. How do you fight it? Coffee? Loud music? YouTube Ninjas? If you have already found the miracle solution for the problem don’t forget to spread the word.

My eyelids are refusing to stay open..I shall hit the sack for a few.

3 done. 362 to go. See you tomorrow.


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