Bigger, Longer and Orangier

>Continuing my yesterday’s promise, this is the second out of 365 posts that shall be expected over the course of the next three hundred and sixty five days, starting yesterday.
You may have noticed a few changes in the blog layout. Its much more cleaner with content clearly separated and there are no more annoying Ad-sense banners. I wasn’t getting any money from them anyway. Apparently one needs a lot people visiting their page in order for Google to pay one for those banners. I call that Bullocks (ask your British/pretentious friends). The Blog is also orange now, for the most part. I have been reading quite a few articles on minimalistic design and sticking to some of the stuff I picked up I have removed items that, I thought, were not adding value to the visitors. I thought about going all white, but found that to be a bit too pale for my taste. So orange it is. If you develop some kind of Citrus based juice addiction after being here for a while, I assume no responsibility.
You are probably dying

to know why this sudden shift from complete dormancy to hyper-active blog-post release cycle which is my current goal simply put as “a blog a day”. This all is a result of something I read recently. I would not bore you with the details. I cant give you the details even if I wanted to since I obtained that article using what the law enforcement community might refer as ‘dumb move’ methods.
But the crux of the article was
“What you do everyday is more important than what you do once in a while”.
A long time ago I found out that blogging can be a great way to get those crazy thing swirling in my head out in the open so that other people out in the Internets would realize there a people weirder than thyself. But over the last year and half or so, I have kind of lost the thread with this page. I knew I had a responsibility to deliver quality mind-swirls to my readers (you know who you are!!) but simply couldn’t bring myself to produce the content in timely and consistent fashion.
One of the authors I have been reading in recent times is Leo Babauta up in his world famous super-awesome blog He says if you fall out of the track, even if you never were on a track in the first place, the best time get back on is right now.

Now combining the “everyday” theory with “do-it-now” theory we get what is a simple and straight forward way to develop and maintain a pretty good routine. The third ingredient that adds a whole new dimension to this already belligerent plan is the good old American battle cry “Go Big or Go Home”. Want to be proud of doing something? Grow some balls and show it in the State Fair!!

And thus we have arrived at the blog-a-day marathon of mine 🙂

2 done. 363 to go. See you tomorrow.