>herez an update on wats been happening with the video project…

Nothing…thats right, absolutely nothing.
I am beginning to doubt the advice about ‘writing down your goals will motivate you into finishing it’
yesterday, after much that, i dragged myself to iMovie and fired upt he app. And, there was nothing. No video. I could not find any of the 40 or so clips i had shot for this project.None of it.
Turns out, i placed all the source clips into Final Cut Pro’s (another mac app) working folder and when i uninstalled it with Zapper (it cleans out anything related to the app being zapped) deleted the videos as well.
Later i found out, abt 5 of them were saved in iMovie’s cache. It was my luckiest day.
today morning, i started fileSavage and began retrieving deleted files. Hopefully, the data was not replaced already in my macbook’s HDD.
Golden Rule 1:
Always Back up your source data.