>Lets Start


Just readd this thing about motivating oneself. Among other things one can do to not loose the initial urge for accomplishing something eventually leading to failure, the article mentioned I should maintain, sort of, a journal the chronicles every step and mis-steps in achieving my goal. Seems corny, but WTH?!

So I recently though of doing a video project, right. A significant amount of principle photography (that’s cinema talk for shooting video) is done and I need to do quite a bit of editing. I started enthusiasticaly with Final cut pro, then after encountering technical difficulties shifted to final cut express which had similar problems and now ive landed back to my trusted iMovie (HD not the 08 one, I hate it). Does any body know whats the deal with Final Cut’s ‘red bar’ deal on the time line. I import mp4, mpg, avi files to the app, and set the scenario settings to perfectly match the clip setting and then video either never plays,or there is the red bar or even worse, the video is extremely choppy in both canvas and normal view. Anyway, I think I’ll have to settle with iMovie for now.

I madea resolution to work on the editing last weekend and got off to a flying start and finished upto 10 sec and then took a break. Now I cant get back. Few days ago I made resolution that I’ll work on it for atleast one hour everyday and until this moment I have put in ZERO hours.

Hopefully this technique will put me back on track. Lets see.

Take care now.