>San Francisco – Part -I



There was this long weekend, May 23-25 and we went to Sanfrancisco. We , as in me and my college buddies/ roommates (5 to be exact) took this trip. We had such a great time over the long weekend that I am forcing myself to type this narration from my office at 3.30 pm after a good meal. I am fleeing sleepy and the only work I was supposed to do, got over few hours back. And, by the way, for those of you who don’t know yet, I moved to a new city for my job that stared about a month ago. I am supposed to work for 40 hrs every week, but the company is flexible about the hours, so I work between 10 am and 12.30 pm and 4 pm to 4.30 pm (Half hour is to see if what I did in the morning was actually correct!!) before I call it a day. It’s a pretty relaxed work place.

Back to the epilogue. The trip was a greatly enjoyable vacation and I would like to share it with the web which is, incredibly, world wide. Now, the experience had so many things and it is would not be fair on me to expect myself to type the whole thing in one stretch. So I have taken the liberty to break them into chapters divided based on whatever criterion that my lazy (sometimes truthful) mind comes up with.hmmm..lets say the date.

Disclaimer: All names, accounts and events mentioned in the narration can be parrtially or entirely false. Side affects of reading this may cause increased world knowledge, loss of time, read rage and erectile dysfunction.

So Here goes..


-narrated by Myself

Chapter 1: Friday, May 23. The Arrivals

This was coming for a long time. The weekend started on May 23 and was made long due to the Memorial Day. The holiday is observed in remembrance to the brave men and women of US service who lost their lives during various events in American history(a.k.a wars which involved American personnel) and we decided to enjoy it aptly by getting together and having fun. To make this happen, people had to travel from all corners. One came from Nevada(west), one from Texas (south), three from Mid-West(Arizona, Missouri) and the longest was the one form New Jersey (East) Since we all hadn’t taken a good vacation for about 2 years, I was very much looking forward to the travel and meeting everyone. We booked the flight tickets about a month ago and all necessary arrangements were made. When the much awaited Friday finally came, to be honest, I wasn’t able to keep my excitement under check. For some reason, I felt that this is the best thing that was going to happen to me in a long time (it used to be me dating Shreya/Asin/ Rosie McGowan -preferably at the same time, but that hasn’t happened yet). I left work early and convinced my roommate to drop me at the airport well ahead of time. As though some one with control over nature and possibly the universe had sensed my excitement, the city I am in, which can be described precisely as a desert, started getting colder during the later part of the week and it actually started raining on that particular Friday. I kept my spirits up, and after an hour of weather- delay at the airport, I landed in the city, which I am now considering to permanently move in to—the city of San Francisco.

I always knew I was the lucky one among a random selection of people, and it got confirmed, again, when I landed. Three of my friends got delayed due to weather, and one guy couldn’t make it to his connecting flight (drastically altering our plans) and had to stay in a state with a funny name—Utah, overnight. When the rest of us finally arrived, it was past midnight and we had a mile (dramatized) long queue at the car rental.Now, since we needed a minivan kind-of vehicle, and we did not have a reservation at any other rental company, we had no idea how long we need to wait to get our ride. Again, my luck proved gold, when the guy behind the desk, at a different rental, answered my query with – “Sorry sir, without reservation, we don’t have any other vehicle, except a mini-van”. Sweet.

Next Stop, Hotel. Earlier during one of our extensive planning sessions, the task of booking hotel rooms was bestowed on me. As always, I did a great Job. Friday night we stayed at the almost-5-star Travelodge Motel (only 4 stars less). Whatmore, the hotel had IHOP right next to it. We had a nice little dinner/breakfast (the time was past midnight) and by the time we came to our rooms, the hour hand in the wall clock was dreadfully placed between one and two. We were tired, and sleepy, but had the task of figuring out what to do the next day, since the one of our guys, the one who missed his flight earlier, was not arriving until noon the next day and so we needed to alter our list of places to visit accordingly. Because of my prudent forethought, I had brought my new mac book, which by the way-totally rocks, and with free wi-fi, the (Google) search began. After some careful reviews of the various tourist spots in SFO we decided on 2 things.

  1. We must visit Golden gate bridge, Fisherman’s wharf, Science Explorotorium and Crooked street
  2. We were already asleep!!

Coming up next, the exciting first day of our trip. Did we go to the Golden gate? Did the missing person arrive on time? Stay tuned for the gripping next edition of “The Trip to the West”.

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