>Well, What can I say?


Waking up after a really bad headache, surprisingly, due to a pain killer, I took a vow- From now on I’ll always check the expiration date before taking any pill. Well, it was already too late and the damage has been done. Apparently, while I was high on the pain pill, which was actually dead, I had done things that should not be talked about again. Among all of my unceremonious doings during that pill-bound time frame, I vaguely remember few things which require an act (actually multiple acts) of absolution (hail Google. In your face GRE!!) from people whom I have never met, physically. My recollection of events is only fuzzy, but I am pretty sure that it involves a social networking website, some mostly funny and very rarely insightful scraps, and a few clicks of submit buttons. And it includes some “add to crush list”s as well. As a person of high dignity, magnanimity and sovereignty (wuh-hoo), I would like to offer my apology for every living organism whose page I might have visited and left my mark; especially the one that has a new scrap reading-“don’t feel bad about your intelligence. If your forefathers had the right genes, they would have passed it to you”. Well, you know who you are and I am really sorry that you had to learn the truth from me.

Now for the really scary (juicy) stuff. About the “add to crush list”s. Now I know vaguely, that the aforementioned ‘social networking website” does not notify the person who is added (addee) about the person who adds (adder) to the crush list. But I am not exactly sure about the wirings and hacking methods that are available to the addee to see their list of adders, so I would like to set the records straight (please scroll if the there is screen over flow). This is for all the addees from the adder talking straight to you (through a number of routers, servers and gateways…a.k.a the internet). Yes I think you look really well. Yes I think you seem to be a very nice person and yes, your profile (real or fake) seems very interesting. Above all, Yes, If given the option, I would most certainly consider the offer notwithstanding any better outstanding offers. That aside, I do say, that I am really (stress the word) sorry that I clicked that ‘add’ button, which I, under saner circumstances, wouldn’t have. But come on, what other option do I have?… Hmmm, Somewhere in my mind, I think I am actually thanking the pill, for making me go halaa-baloo.

Oh, If you are reading this, and I did not visit your page during this whole episode, give a pat on your back. I consider high of you. (or, I don’t even consider you(in that case, the pat is meaningless). Ok, either of that.)

P.S: Am I still high, coz I think I am seeing things……