>All in the game!!…but why always my team???


Today Indian cricket team lost to srilanka in a do-or-die match in the world cup tournament. Since they have already gone through the humiliation of losing to Bangladesh, which is comparable to any minnow of this season, the loss against the lankans pretty much puts the team I back, out of the next level. In a country filled with cricket fanatics, where loss of game resulting in rioting, burning effigies and other stuff that are commonly considered outside the realm of civilization this loss certainly would put a lot of fear in the players’ minds. As a fan I am, undoubtedly, disappointed and to some extent frustrated by the team’s performance in a pressure situation. It’s been a dream for the whole population of India to see in live TV, an Indian cricket captain holding the prestigious World cup trophy, which happened once in 1984. It was a long time ago and the range of generation that wants to relive it is growing impatient. As long as I can remember, I have been a cricket fan. I recall the days, when I was awake all night to watch the sachin destroying super fast bowlers, ganguly lofting spinners put of the park , dravid effortlessly piling up runs with absolute finesse, sehwag with his blistering knock, yuvraj stamping his authority and now they are just memories. India hasn’t been playing to the hype its being surrounded and the investment made that’s been made on it. I am not jealous about the money they make by playing cricket, but when I see the advertisement where sachin drinks his Pepsi, shown just after he is dismissed in the real game certainly make me sick to the stomach. The next batsman comes to the center gets himself out and the rest of the team pretty much does the same. Every team has bad days, bad season or bad luck but why my team does has them every time they had their back towards the wall. So much is in for debate, like the team picked, toss decision, or the whole squad for the tournament. I believe that the current squad is as good as any team that can ever be picked. Simply the class and experience that this team contains can be hardly matched. For the most part, India seems to carry the tag “best team on paper”. This is repeatedly proved by performances such as the one against the lankans or the one against Bangladesh. I wish I can see the little teenager from Mumbai who destroyed bowlers, when he had no obligation towards Pepsi. I wish I can enjoy the left hander from Bengal, who with his sweet timing pierced any field setting, before he ever signed up for coca cola. And how about the left arm medium pacer who took a hatrick against Pakistan in their home, well he is with servo ltd now. I guess they will all be just memories. As a fan, I have compromised and settled with my expectations. I don’t expect my team to win every match that they play, but when it comes to the games in level grounds, I at least expect a honorable fight, let alone winning them. Statistic gurus say mathematically, if Bermuda defeats Bangladesh, then India has a chance at the next stage. But personally I believe that we don’t belong there. We certainly don’t deserve to be in the next level. I should say that the Bangladeshis did a great a job and there is nothing wrong with them progressing. I sincerely hope that there is no violent repercussions back home and no body gets physically injured or insulted. I think the players feel humiliated about their performance. All said and done, it’s just a game and someone’s gotta loose. It’s just hard to digest that it’s my team….well as all losers say, ITS ALL IN THE GAME.