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Goodbye, David Rakoff

One of the side effects of regularly listening to This American Life is the pleasant experience of getting to know some great artists. Since it is a public radio show, sound is all that is available for the show’s producers to make a good impression and they do extraordinarily well to broadcast the best possible […]

How To Design a Fantastic Infographic

When we hear the word ‘infographic’ we often remember the commercials that show statistics in a fancy graph or an animated bar chart. But the science of infographics goes beyond just advertisements that show us how micronutrients in the new health drink is 4 times more than the leading brand. If it is true that […]

Ray Bradbury On Reading

Ray Bradbury, the author who made science fiction writing a main stream category in literature, passed away this Thursday. His death was mourned by a variety of personalities, from Stephen King to Steven Spielberg, and publications from the New York Times to the Huffington Post. I had only recently discovered Mr.Bradbury works when I stumbled upon […]

Why More Choices Are Making You Unhappy

Have you ever walked into Subway sandwich shop and found yourself unable to decide on which veggies you want to add on your sub ? of course, you have; everybody has, at one point or another. I bet the same indecisiveness crowds your mind when you are standing in the middle of a food court […]

The Anxiety of Unemployment

Imagine being unemployed. No, really imagine it. Imagine the state of a being where a major part of every day is simply doing nothing but wait; waiting for that phone call or the email from a recruiter. Imagine not seeing the pay check every other week – the same pay check that you were so […]

A Cruel Prank on a Genius

For your mid-sunday viewing pleasure, here is a delightful documentary from NOVA about the interesting life of Richard Feynman. Feynman is a Noble prize winning theoretical physicist and über genius who identified himself as an explorer. I’m an explorer, okay? I get curious about everything, and I want to investigate all kinds of stuff. Upon his […]

Think Outside A Carboard Box

Ever heard the phrase ‘Think outside the box‘? Of course you have. It’s easily one of the most pervasive idioms in marketing, management, presidential run and, possibly, every other field that exists. But is it really true? Does thinking outside the box, literally, make you better at solving problems? Researchers at Cornell University had the […]

How To Become A Morning Person

One of my recent post listed top five things to improve our intelligence and it garnered some good responses from some of you. Over at Facebook, my friend SS and SV mentioned that point #4, which was about getting up early in the morning, seemed to be one of the trickier habits to form. It […]

Conflict Free iDevice From Apple

It’s no secret that Apple is one of the most coveted brand names in the world. Their products are instantly recognizable and they transcend every day consumer electronics genre to create objects of artistic beauty and innovative spirit. Apple, already a giant among personal electronics makers, is still growing at blurring speed, raking in massive […]

What About Talent ?

Oh yes,  the age old debate. Is talent something one is born with or is it deliberately acquired during one’s life time ? Talent is crucial, everyone agrees to that. But can it be acquired ? More importantly, can it be acquired enough to make one awesome, as opposed to just good ? I am […]