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The Zen of Intuition as Understood by Steve Jobs

I started reading Walter Isaacson‘s biography of Steve Job two days ago and, like many have said before, it is a fascinating story. There are so many interesting quotes from Jobs himself about his past experiences that seem to be more revealing for a man who was famously guarded about his personal life and philosophies. […]

Richard Feynman Explains How Fire Comes From “Jiggling”

Celebrated theoretical physicist and a pioneering researcher in quantum computing and nano-technology – the late┬áRichard Feynman – was also a champion of logical reasoning and a true believer of an intellectually curious lifestyle. His lectures on the laws of physical phenomenon, like gravity and light, that govern everything from the tiniest sub-atomic particles to the […]

The Prayer

O Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds, and whose breath give the life to all the world, hear me ! I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the […]

All is Well in the Land of Crickets

Just wanted to share this timely quote. I am aware that the word ‘timely’ may not make sense to you, but trust me. The word fits, snugly. Everyone, at some point in their lives, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world, and that […]

A Bit of Wisdom from Stephen Fry

For anyone familiar with the hilarious TV sketch series ‘A bit of Fry and Laurie‘ the name Stephen Fry does not need an introduction. For the rest of the population, you really don’t know what you have been missing. Seriously, go to YouTube and check out all the very funny and smart sketches performed by […]

Ten Rules to Achieve Greater Learning

A new workweek is upon us and it is essential that we start the Monday with the right mindset. We don’t have control over whether good things or bad things happen to us, but what we can control is how we perceive the situation. No matter what the outcome is there is always something to […]

Waiting For Superman

Did you like going to school ? Ok, you don’t have to answer that. When I was young, school was the daily routine that happened whether I liked it or not and, for all intentions, I hated it. There were exceptionally few days when I would wake up in the morning and felt good about […]

Success vs Character

“Wow, you are not a manager yet? How come ?” There was no way for me to miss the tone of indignation, and even a tinge of ┬ámockery, in my colleague’s voice when he asked me this. I was lost for words for a few moments, primarily because it was unexpected. I had just stopped […]

Fahrenheit 451 – by Ray Bradbury

Recently I finished reading Fahrenheit 451, penned by the late Ray Bradbury. It was his breakout work of literature that garnered him critical praise and, I, like anyone who has ever read this book, would agree that it is a thought-provoking read. The plot is set in a dystopian future where Wall-to-Wall TV has enslaved […]

Getting Older and Making Money

At a recent potluck event at my office, as a matter of group activity, we were each asked to reveal to the rest of the team what we would like to do for a career if money was not an issue. We were in a large conference room that presently housed about fifteen people, closely […]