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The Zen of Intuition as Understood by Steve Jobs

I started reading Walter Isaacson‘s biography of Steve Job two days ago and, like many have said before, it is a fascinating story. There are so many interesting quotes from Jobs himself about his past experiences that seem to be more revealing for a man who was famously guarded about his personal life and philosophies. […]

The Sofa has a Purpose – Steve Jobs

Has anyone read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs? I haven’t, but just by reading about it in bits and pieces on various blogs and websites I feel like I have all the salient points covered. More than direct quotes from the now best-selling book about the Apple co-founder, the insights and analysis given by […]

A Rare Retraction

A few weeks ago, in January, I wrote a post about worker conditions at various factories in China that make Apple devices. One of the main catalysts for that post came from an episode of This American Life that aired on Jan 6 which excerpted the findings of Mike Daisy, a performer and self-professed Apple […]

Conflict Free iDevice From Apple

It’s no secret that Apple is one of the most coveted brand names in the world. Their products are instantly recognizable and they transcend every day consumer electronics genre to create objects of artistic beauty and innovative spirit. Apple, already a giant among personal electronics makers, is still growing at blurring speed, raking in massive […]

Design Principles From A Visionary

StumbleUpon is a wonderful tool to discover great articles, especially ones that are interesting and informative. Just today, I stumbled (wink) onto this slightly older story about the design principles that were at the core of Apple’s products. Since Steve Jobs‘ death, there has been a mountain of text written about his works and style, […]


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Who Owns The Scale For Greatness?

Did you read this article about Steve Jobs published in an Indian newspaper. I stumbled upon it on Facebook. The article is titled ‘Steve Jobs wasn’t great; he wasn’t even close’. If you admired Steve Jobs or if you are a fan of well thought out and logical sentences, you won’t like that article. It […]

The Story Of Steve’s Turtle Neck

Steve Jobs’ black turtle neck is probably as famous as the man himself. Every time he unveiled an industry shaking product in the last decade or so, there it was gently draping his fairly built frame. As his body grew more frail looking every time he stepped onto the stage to do his thing, which […]

What Is Up With Netflix ?

I have been a Netflix member for about 5 years now. For the first couple of years, I was a happy customer utilizing Netflix’s popular two weeks free trial offer. I would cycle through each of my credit cards for each two week period and as a student I had quite a few credit cards. […]

Is Chennai Worthy Of An iPad?

“But it is not working.” she said. “Did you turn it on?”. I am asking her this question for the fifth time now. “yes, I did it. I did it a long time ago.” “Then it should be coming up”. I am tired and frustrated at this point. “Well, It is not. I think its […]